​Melodye is an effective, confidence building dressage instructor & trainer.

 She began her intensive dressage training when she retired from a career as a ballet dancer. She brings the discipline, knowledge of physiology, kinesiology, & the aesthetic eye of a classically trained artist to the dressage arena to help her students improve through a well balanced seat. Melodye’s articulate, empathetic teaching & training style instills physical & mental relaxation in horse & rider through positive corrections, emphasizing the proper development of an independent seat & generating thinking riders.

 Melodye is dedicated to furthering the principles of classical horsemanship.

Melodye’s riding instruction strives to teach every rider the correct application of the weight aids as they relate to the horse’s natural way of going.  Her focus is teaching students while training their horses to be more beautiful & easier to ride. Melodye can help you with your seat, balance, symmetry, & posture/position which will assist you in maximizing your relationship with your horse.

Melodye guarantees results for horse & rider.

 Melodye received her riding education from internationally recognized authorities.

While apprenticing with numerous FEI trainers Melodye had the opportunity to learn  proper feelings & collection from many experienced Grand Prix & FEI horses.This experience has enabled her to train  horses of all experience levels, and she has trained elite sport horses for numerous prestigious farms. Every horse Melodye works with is approached according to individual needs and temperament following classical principles.

Melodye is committed to the classical approach to dressage training & instruction,promoting a combination of traditional methods that have been used for centuries.

Balance & harmony, understanding and partnership between rider & horse, & gymnastic progress are the goals Melodye brings to every lesson she teaches. Melodye’s instruction makes profound changes in the way the rider rides, and the horse performs.

Melodye is a mature dressage trainer proven capable of producing willing, light horses in self carriage suitable to be ridden by a woman or child.

 She is skilled riding sensitive horses, with a patient, systematical approach to dressage teaching, training, & riding.

As a sport horse breeder herself, Melodye has developed award winning Oldenburgs who are winning in recognized dressage competition. She has been in the Championship ring at Dressage at Devon with her own horses & those owned by clients. Melodye has been an active participant in warmblood breeding organizations & has prepared many young horses for inspection, performance tests, & competition

​Dressage is a French word that refers to the training of horses. The object of Dressage is the harmonious development of the body, mind, & the ability of the horse, making him calm, supple, well balanced, & in harmony with the rider. Dressage can be a means to an end, a way of developing any horse to make a comfortable, attentive, athletic mount ready to compete in almost any discipline.........or dressage can be a passion. In any case, the daily routine of working with your horse, along with developing a deeper relationship & watching him increase in strength & physical/mental suppleness, confidence, & the horse's evolving beauty each day is an activity that brings meaning to your life & gives you joy!

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" We shall take care not to annoy the horse and spoil his friendly charm, for it is like the scent of a blossom, once lost,  it will never return. "     Pluvinel.

Melodye Sweetin